Baruch Harnisch Scholar and Journalism Program

If it weren’t for Baruch College, you wouldn’t be reading this. The Harnisch Foundation’s co-founder Bill Harnisch, whose generosity underwrites the family philanthropy, attributes his business success to his tuition-free, books included, college education at “The Poor Man’s Harvard,” as it was known. Baruch still serves the striving student, although tuition’s no longer free. That is, unless you are a Harnisch Scholar. Our scholars not only attend college free of charge, but have the opportunity to be placed in paid internships.

Baruch’s been recognized as the most ethnically diverse campus by both U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review more times than any other college in the United States; one more reason Baruch is the perfect ally with whom to build a world where everyone is valued and heard.

1. Leadership