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Where Are They Now: Q & A with Rebecca Soffer

We don’t ask our grantees to report back after funding their projects, but that doesn’t…

International Women’s Day With Negin Farsad

It could be one of Negin Farsad’s punchlines: on International Women’s Day, shouldn’t the focus be on international women? She’s a multi-hyphenate creator of incisive work across many platforms: film, podcasting, theater, corporate gigs, and stand-up comedy. Oh, she’s also got a memoir.

Where Are They Now: Q & A with Melissa Haizlip

We don’t ask our grantees to report back after funding their projects, but that doesn’t mean we’re not curious about what happened after they got the money.

Your Future Self Hopes Your Present Self Can Handle The Truth

Reality doesn’t care if you believe it. – Boba Fett, The Mandalorian

Kamala Harris, Madam Vice President

What a delight it is to welcome Vice President Kamala Harris to the highest level of leadership ever achieved by an American woman.

Howdy Partners, Welcome to Funny Girls

Help us give a big Funny Girls welcome to our brand new 2020-2021 partners!

Where Are They Now: Q & A With Melina Gaze

We don’t ask our grantees to report back after funding their projects, but that doesn’t mean we’re not curious about what happened after they got the money.

Hope, You Like It

Recently, a colleague Tweeted at me, “@ruthannharnisch: Where do you find hope?”

It seemed audacious to ask that question in public.

Get Out the Vote!

“Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.”

We’re Supporting Sending 10,000 Tablets to COVID-19 Hospital Units and Hospices

Because we can’t imagine being unable to say goodbye to those we love.

Are You Scared?

What wise words can we offer during these times of such great uncertainty?

Wouldn’t you like to have Bill-and-Melinda-Gates-level money at this time of year?

I thought I knew what Melinda Gates should be doing with HER money. (Repeat, HER money)

Your Dream Job Is Right Here

Our Funny Girls program is flourishing, and we’re looking to find just the right person to join our team.

Funning at TEDWomen2018

Running a Funny Girls™ Workshop for Adults

What Do Unicorn Floaties and Uncomfortable Blazers Have in Common?

Jenny and Carla take their #FunnyGirls insights on the road

Funny Girls on NBC Nightly News: How Girls Discover Their Leadership Skills Through Improv

The expansion of our Funny Girls program during the fall of 2017 brought new curiosity into how we elevate girls’ leadership skills through improv.

Bye, 2017: Mmmm… Donuts.

Here at the Harnisch Foundation, it’s been a big sweet doughnut of a year, filled with deliciousness, the goodness coming down the conveyor belt so fast we can hardly keep up.

Improv + Leadership: A Powerful Pairing

A girls’ leadership curriculum with a creative twist? YES. Read more about the powerful pairing of improv and leadership development.

250 (Awesome) Grants and Counting!

Our special super power? Forwarding awesomeness in the world! And we’ve done it 250 times!

Four Surprising Discoveries About TED

The TED Universe is vast and in a constant state of evolution. Prepare to be surprised by these discoveries about the TED organization.

It’s Called Funny Girls, but Funny Isn’t The Focus

Funny Girls teaches leadership skills through improv. While funny things are bound to happen, the focus isn’t on the funny — it’s on boosting girls leadership.

Leveraging Coaching to Help the Helpers

Looking back (and looking forward): Investing in leadership training, coaching, and mentoring is a must from our point of view.

Catalyst Women: Focusing on Female Filmmakers

Greenlighting female-led films? YES. That’s the idea behind Sundance Catalyst Women, a new program that we’re supporting.

Five leadership skills for every leader, young or old.

Our Funny Girls program opens the door to mastering and modeling five core leadership skills: collaboration, agility, self-awareness, empathy, and resiliency.

A Box That Helps You Be A Better Ally

“How can I be a better ally?” is a beautiful question. Safety Pin Box will give you the answers and teach you a thing or two about racial bias.

The Exploration of Justice Through Film

When documentary film disrupts the concept of justice and equality — and shifts the public consciousness.

“Funny Girls” Invests in Girls Leadership

This is how you invest in the leadership development of a younger generation in an innovative way.

Sundance 2017: Four Films to Know

We’re headed to Sundance and so are these films that we supported.

It’s been a year like no other.

An end-of-year message to share our 2016 successes and our plans to pave the way forward in 2017.

Boosting the Craft of Story

We can tell you about it, but these female filmmakers and Awesome Without Borders grantees take you inside the story.

Three Ideas Worth Spreading

TheHF’s Ruth Ann Harnisch shares her top three ideas that stuck from TEDWomen 2016.

The impossible. The unthinkable.

The thing that seemed impossible, unthinkable – well, it happened.

Every Vote Counts

We cannot, we must not, miss our chance to participate in writing this chapter of American history.

No excuse for sexual assault. Ever.

Whether it’s unwanted groping or a brutal attack involving violence and rape, there is no excuse for sexual assault. There is no excuse. Ever.

Money and Film: A Q&A with Ruth Ann Harnisch

Women Moving Millions Film Circle connects with Ruth Ann Harnisch to discuss her film funding priorities and upcoming projects.

Gender, Women, and Democracy

It’s hard to believe that a male-dominated government is still just the way it is. Well, we’re going to change that.

Issue 5: The “So What?” Segment

So, you didn’t meet all of your goals and, generally, you feel like you’re not doing all that you could be. So what?

Issue 4: Moving Beyond “The One”

There’s no good excuse for not hiring women writers. It’s way past time for parity to be the law of the land.

Issue 3: An Invitation to Do Something

This is your personal invitation to celebrate International Women’s Day by stepping up as a leader.

Issue 2: Our Focus on Fairness

As we enter a new year and a new focus for theHF, I can’t stop thinking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s laughter.

Issue 1: Welcome to theHF

Where we’ve been, where we’re going and why girls & women are at the center. Welcome to the future of theHF.