Funning at TEDWomen2018


Running a Funny Girls Workshop
for Adults

At TEDWomen2018, FunnyGirls™ creators Jenny Raymond and Carla Blumenthal were selected to lead a (sold-out!) workshop for TEDsters willing to drop their inhibitions and throw themselves into the scary fun of doing weird things with strangers.

We designed our FunnyGirls™ leadership skills curriculum for 3rd to 8th grade girls, using improv exercises to get comfortable in the discomfort of learning to be a leader. Whenever we tell people about it, they say they wish they’d had a chance to discover these life lessons when they were kids. So Jenny and Carla created a special “grownups” edition for TED.

While it’s impossible to cram three months’ worth of FunnyGirls™ programming into a 90-minute session, Jenny and Carla led the participants in a symphony of spontaneity designed to teach Self-Awareness, Empathy, Resiliency, Collaboration, and Agility; the skills every leader needs to succeed.

Gauging from the grins, fist pumps, and thoughtful conversations from the participants, Mission Accomplished in teaching how to lead while laughing!