What Do Unicorn Floaties and Uncomfortable Blazers Have in Common?


A guest post from our #FunnyGirls team!

Back in June, Jenny and Carla traveled to Washington, DC, to participate in the Global Forum on Girls’ Education® II produced by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. What a trip! With a focus on innovation in girls’ education, the Forum gave us tons of opportunities to hear from leaders lifting up girls’ voices, experiences and needs. Carla mentioned that she was especially impressed with the talks delivered by Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts, and Katherine Kinzler, who runs the Development of Social Cognition Lab at Cornell University. (Our nerd stripes totally show through when we get to hear amazing STEM women!)

Not only were we able to hear from leaders around the globe, but Jenny and Carla were also able to present our latest thinking on the power of improv in girls’ education– our core #FunnyGirls philosophy. In a six-minute (!) PechaKucha-style presentation, these two fearless leaders laid out for the education community how improv principles can be integrated into any type of leadership curriculum.

Educators from across multiple fields– English! Physics! more!– shared with Jenny and Carla afterwards that they could really see how the three key principles laid out here could make a huge difference in how they teach–and learn from–girls.

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