TED is one of our favorite creative communities, full of rising stars who are bringing BIG ideas to life.

A TED patron since 2006, Ruth Ann Harnisch and the Foundation is sold on the power of the TED community to implement world-changing ideas. That’s why we provide support to the TED organization in addition to funding for these select initiatives like the TED Fellows program and TED conferences including TEDWomen.

TED Women: TED conferences bring together a global community of individuals interested in exploring how change begins, spotlighting innovative thinkers who catalyze ideas toward action. TEDWomen is no different, launching provocative and big ideas of creators and change-makers who happen to be women and girls. You know we had to get in on that!

TED Fellows: Ruth Ann was a founding funder of the TED Fellows program, designed to bring young world-changers and trailblazers who have shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage into the TED community.

In 2009, she saw an opportunity to fuse her passion for the TED community with her passion for coaching. She called on longtime ally Renee Freedman from Renee Freedman & Company, Inc to co-found and execute a pro-bono coaching service called SupporTED that would amplify the impact of Fellows’ projects and activities. Today the the TED Fellowship continues to offer Fellows personal and professional pro-bono coaching and mentoring to identify how they can best maximize their effectiveness and make the most of the TED Fellowship. The range of hoped for outcomes is varied: while some Fellows need assistance formulating next steps on a project, others aim to create more balanced and healthy personal lives. Either way, participants decide for themselves what they want and where they want to go ‚Äî we just help them to get there.

To date, nearly hundreds of TED Fellows have used these services. We’re proud of being among the first to catch the vision of the TED Fellow and write the check: TheHF is one of the longest-running supporters of the TED Fellows program. Meet the 2018 class of TED Fellows and Senior Fellows.





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