Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate

When theHF began its pioneering work in the field of coaching, the profession was so new that most people thought only athletes and actors had coaches. Ruth Ann Harnisch became intrigued by the possibilities that coaching offered for personal and institutional transformation when the nonprofit MoreThanMoney used some of her $1million gift to create a coaching program for members who wanted support setting and achieving financial goals. The results were undeniable. Soon, the Harnisch Foundation became the leading philanthropic investor in the coaching sector, supporting global gatherings, creating an online community, developing professional accreditation standards, and championing pro bono coaching and nonprofits within the coaching profession. Most importantly, theHF sought to elevate the profession through rigorous, peer-reviewed academic research. These efforts culminated with theHF’s founding of The Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School’s teaching facility McLean Hospital with a $2M investment in 2009. In addition to presenting the annual Harvard Coaching Conference, the Institute awards $100,000 in Harnisch Research Grants every year. Under current leadership, The Institute of Coaching has become a sustainable enterprise with a membership program in the pipeline for 2016. The Institute of Coaching is the end product of years of effort, teamwork, vision, and the philanthropy of many key leaders who pioneered the projects that eventually found a home at the Institute, including David Goldsmith, Dr. Mary Wayne Bush, Dr. Vikki Brock, Dr. John Bennett, Andrea J. Lee, and others. We are incredibly proud of the current team leading the Institute to new heights including Dr. Carol Kauffman, Margaret Moore, Dr. Susan David, Dr. Jeffery Hull, and Laurel Smith Doggett.

1. Leadership