Every Vote Counts


Where will you be on November 8? I don’t mean, “Where will you be watching the election results?” I mean, “Where will you be, physically, on November 8?”

I’m asking because I just noticed that I have a medical appointment on that date, and my doctor’s office is a few hundred miles away from my polling place. I have three choices: change the appointment, request an absentee ballot, or skip voting.

Really, only two choices are possible for me because I vote. I always vote. I have made it a point to be a voter in every election, even the so-called small local elections, ever since I cast my first presidential ballot over 40 years ago.

Except when I didn’t.

I missed a primary election this year. My candidate won, but the margin of victory was narrow. For the first time in my voting life, I was blood-draining scared that my failure to vote might have cost me the representation I passionately desired.

So, what is the outcome YOU want on November 8? The only thing that counts is voting for that outcome. Here are three things you can do to ensure your voice is heard:

Register TODAY. The deadlines are upon us. Anybody can do it right now online or via snail mail, and in person.

Get your absentee ballot if you will not be able to vote in person. Click here for deadlines in each state.

Vote at your polling place on Election Day. Find your polling location if you don’t already know it.

We cannot, we must not, miss our chance to participate in writing this chapter of American history. Where will you be on November 8? That will determine where we are on November 9.