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One of the benefits of being selected as a TED Fellow is the gift of 10 pro bono coaching sessions from a professional coach.   If you've never worked with a professional coach, you might be curious about it.

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Why work with a coach or mentor?

A coach or mentor can help you create and achieve your vision and goals. A coach will listen, ask questions, help you to reframe how you perceive a situation or challenge, and introduce you to new ideas. A mentor will listen, identify where new thoughts, skills, ideologies, and approaches are needed and will guide you to take actions in a different way.

You may talk to your coach or mentor via telephone, in person, using Skype, Instant Message, or even through email.

The SupporTED coaches and mentors are some of the world's most effective and intuitive coaches. Each coach and mentor is inspired by the TED mission and by the opportunity to coach or mentor the TED Fellows, because you hold the promise of bringing that mission into the future.  

If you are interested in being coached or mentored, please sign in and click the TED Fellow FAQ link. 

SupporTED is committed to providing the highest level and standard of coaching and mentoring to the TED Fellows. We are excited to offer you this powerful service and look forward to hearing from you.