SupporTED Coach Application


I. Overview

All TED Fellows have the option of receiving the gift of coaching through the SupporTED program. The SupporTED team is committed to providing the highest level and standard of coaching to the TED Fellows. Coaches approved to participate in the SupporTED program must be committed to modeling excellence in coaching.

Upon the submission of an application from a TED Fellow, a qualified coach is selected, with matches made based on the TED Fellow’s profile, circumstance, cultural sensitivities, and specific needs.

SupporTED coaches must agree to adhere scrupulously to TED’s rule of “ABSOLUTELY NO MARKETING OR SELLING” as well as to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics.

Coaching may be delivered in whichever mode serves the TED Fellow: telephone, Skype, instant message, chat, in person. If costs for coaching calls are an issue for the TED Fellow, it is up to the coach to find a creative solution.

TED Fellows are eligible to receive pro bono coaching from three different coaches throughout and after their tenure as a Fellow. To support this gift, coaches are asked to commit to providing a minimum of 12 coaching sessions, at a duration and frequency determined between the coach and TED Fellow. A formal agreement (provided by SupporTED) must be mutually agreed upon between the Fellow and coach and signed by the Fellow. A copy does not need to be provided to the SupporTED team.

If you and the TED Fellow desire and are inspired to do so, you may continue the pro bono coaching relationship beyond the end date of your original agreement. As long as the coach and the TED Fellow continue working together, it is expected that the coach will advise the SupporTED team of the arrangements.

If you meet the requirements set forth below and in the Coaches FAQ (on the SupporTED website) and you are interested in participating with SupporTED in a coaching capacity, please complete the application and submit it to Please follow it up with an e-mail containing your bio with photo embedded and a letter or note of reference from a current SupporTED coach who has heard you coach.

Once we receive your application, bio, and the letter of referral, we’ll add you to the waiting list. When there is a need for your expertise or availability on the SupporTED coach roster, a member of the SupporTED team will schedule a screening session with you. In this session, each of us will have the opportunity to ask questions, talk about the process of being assigned a TED Fellow, and then you will coach one of the SupporTED team members. Soon after, you will be informed whether or not you will be included in the SupporTED roster of available coaches. When one of the Fellows request someone with your expertise, background, or interests that we think would fit well with your style of coaching, we’ll make the match. Not all TED Fellows choose to have a coach, therefore, not all SupporTED coaches have an immediate opportunity to serve.

We appreciate your interest, time, and commitment. We believe you will find it a rewarding experience.

II. Eligibility

Please indicate whether each of the following statements and/or requirements is true for you. If a statement is not true for you, or reflects an agreement you are not willing to make, that’s a ‘no’.

I have read the SupporTED Coach FAQ.
I am a practicing coach in good standing in the coaching community.
I have been a full time coach for a minimum of 7 years and have coached a minimum of 2500 hours.
I agree not to solicit clients or market my services in any form to TED, TED Fellows, or the SupporTED team.
I commit to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics and policies of the SupporTED program.
I will notify the SupporTED team when the TED Fellow has decided whether or not to engage in coaching with me.
I agree to notify the SupporTED team of the status / health of the coaching relationship after the fifth coaching session.
When the coaching commitment is completed, I will complete the Closing Questionnaire and notify the SupporTED team.
I will notify the SupporTED team if the coaching engagement continues beyond the initial 12-session commitment.
I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee inclusion on the SupporTED coaching team.
I am providing a letter of referral from a current SupporTED coach (someone who has already coached a TED Fellow).
I am providing a current professional bio and photo concurrently with the submission of this completed application.
I understand that this is a pro bono agreement and I will not receive remuneration from TED, the SupporTED team, or the TED Fellows.
I agree that neither the TED organization nor the SupporTED team has any liability or responsibility for the quality of coaching I provide and for any situation that might result in a conflict of interest or legal matter.
Before being accepted, I agree to engage in the SupporTED screening process consisting of a short interview and an experience of my coaching style.
I understand that when I've completed the screening process, I will be added to the SupporTED roster. This means I am eligible to coach a TED Fellow if a great match is available. I will be a member of the SupporTED coaching team once I've completed a successful coaching engagement with a TED Fellow and submitted the Closing Questionnaire.
I will notify the SupporTED team half way through the 12 sessions to update them on the progress of the coaching relationship.

III. Information

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