SupporTED Collaboratorium

What is the SupporTED Collaboratorium?

The SupporTED Collaboratorium is a live dynamic collaborative experience where teams of coaches and other professionals offer their knowledge, talents, and ideas to TED Fellows.

Watch this short video to get a feel for the experience of our first SupporTED Collaboratorium held in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 7-10, 2011.


Here are photos of the September 2012 SupporTED Collaboratorium held in Long Island, NY. Over the course of four days, specifically chosen teams of volunteer coaches and mentors teamed with selected TED Fellows for a highly productive collaborative experience.

Candy Speaking about 'Before I Die' project Dominic Outbrief Marcin, Donna, and Gerry in a spontaneous discussion Siva and Trish strategizing Team Alex Team Jessica discussons Team Sonaar Labyrinth Team Suzanne Team Teru Introductions The Team

Here are the photos of the November 2013 SupporTED Collaboratorium held at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Ten TED Fellow received forward thinking guidance from 34 coaches, mentors, and advisors.

Jae Rhim and COEO pod Advisor Session Alexander and Tom Advisor Session Jimmy and Steve Nina, Sunny, and Lucy Team Jodie Creating Timeline Team Camille's Great Card Hunt Team Lucy at Work Team Christine Marie at Work Team Greg Alanna Debrief Brunch Table All of Us

The 2015 SupporTED Collaboratorium will be held April 29 to May 2 in Birmingham, AL.