Current Projects

Awesome Without Borders

Awesome Without Borders 

NEW INITIATIVE FOR 2013 and 2014!

We are now part of the Awesome Foundation family, an international network of people who find and reward Awesome in the world. We've created the Awesome Without Borders chapter to celebrate ideas and projects that spread goodness. Awesome Foundation chapters typically give $1000 grants a month. We'll make a $1000 grant every week. The Harnisch Foundation team is looking for grantees who demonstrate:

  • The power of love in action
  • Unusually creative solutions to unsolved problems
  • Big answers to small challenges
  • Simple answers to big challenges
  • Contagious passion for the project

Do you have an Awesome idea? Apply here! You don't have to be a 501(c)3 organization to get an Awesome grant. And because we're Awesome Without Borders, you don't have to be based in the USA.*

*Awards to those who are outside the USA and/or not 501(c)3 organizations will come from private funds and NOT from The Harnisch Foundation.

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Entrepreneurial Journalism

This work has been a focal point of our investing in the past ten years. In 2013, we're casting a wider net through Awesome Without Borders. However, we have supported cutting-edge exploration of ways to produce and pay for high-quality, reliably sourced information that helps people make decisions about their communities and their lives.

Our strategy for investing in journalism includes fulfilling our outstanding obligations to current grantees. We continue to support those with whom we have relationships, with our goal, as always, to help grantees "launch and leave." We invest in new possibilities for self-sustaining initiatives in producing and disseminating well-sourced information on issues of importance.The Harnisch Foundation is interested in funding the NEXT model, not the next iteration of a model that's already received funding.

Some of these projects include Poynter Institute, Center for Sustainable Journalism, The Media Consortium, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, Online News Association, Oakland Local,, Newsdesk, MinnPost, The OpEd Project, Harnisch Collaborative Future of Journalism Projects at Baruch College, WikiMedia Foundation and Creative Commons.


In 2013, this will not be the focus of our grantmaking. However, we believe in the power of philanthropy - it can save lives, change attitudes, give purpose to individuals. We have supported initiatives that encourage people to make the most of their giving. Some of these projects have included Center for Non Profit ManagementBolder GivingGreenlight Nonprofit Success, and Book ‘Em.

Professional Coaching

Transformation happens one person at a time, and professional coaching helps people and organizations explore their potential for greatness. We support academic research that explores and explains how coaching works. We support a number of organizations that provide pro bono coaching to people who work in nonprofits. 

Some of our investments, among many, include Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, The Coach Approach, The Coach InitiativeCompassPointReciproCoachTouchPoint ConnectionThe Coaching Commons ArchiveTEDFellows/SupporTEDSparkseed and Association of Black Foundation Executives.

Women and Girls

Despite decades of progress, the needs and rights of women and girls are still underserved and underfunded. We support muscular women's philanthropy, encouraging women and girls (and good men) to use their money, their voices, and their networks to create a world in which all girls and women are safe, valued, and participating equally.

Some of our current projects include initiatives with Women Moving Millions, The Gender Equality Project, Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Women's Fund, International Women's Forum, Women Donors Network, Global Girl MediaInternational Museum of Women, Women's Media Center, Alternet (Gender By-Line Project) and The OpEd Project.